14 January 2019

Mauro Grana, formerly Operations Manager of Orange1 group, has been appointed CEO of Orange1 Electric Motors.

“We are fortunate to have someone of Mauro Grana’s caliber and experience step up to lead Orange1 Electric Motors”  said the President Armando Donazzan “Mauro Grana has been playing a key role of increasing responsibility within Orange1 Holding, proving to be able to deal successfully with many challenges: internationalization, acquisitions, mergers, reorganisations. I firmly believe that he will contribute to implement our strategy and take advantage of the market opportunities ahead. He is technology oriented and shares Orange1 values.
The common goal is to create a group characterized by decision-making and defined managing processes. The challenge of the next few years will be simplification, increasing efficiency at all levels, using both the most up-to-date technologies and training system. “

Mauro Grana, 51 years old, was born in Modena and has been in Orange1 for twenty years with increasing responsibilities. He began in 1998 as a Founding member and Managing Director of EME Kft, a company settled in Hungary for the production of windings. In 2004 he was appointed Plant Manager of EME SpA, historical company of Orange1, on the occasion of the construction of the new production plant opened in Arsiè near Feltre (BL). In 2009 the group embarked on a virtuous growth path started with the acquisition of CEG Srl. In 2010 he was appointed Corporate Operations Manager. After new acquisitions and a business fast growth, Orange 1 Holding was created as reference point for all the companies acquired in recent years. In 2017 Mauro Grana was appointed as Orange1 Operations Manager. In 2019 was appointed CEO of Orange1 Electric Motors.