It’s a welcome in Orange1 style that we offer in our O1 Village.
Not a cliché but a real Village which lives off experiences, emotions, memories, adventures, and fun for those who participate. A community which stems from the same passion, from the desire to be together, to know, learn and cross-pollinate the information. Whether for business or for pleasure, the Village offers unforgettable and unique moments. To enter the Orange1 world in the paddock means reboosting your energy, by getting to know a welcoming team who are happy to pass on the values ​​of sharing, honesty, boldness.


In the village you can directly get to know
the protagonists of the races.

Being immersed in the Orange1Racing world is like swimming in a sea of ​​opportunity, starting with the special packages that include entrance passes for multiple days or for predetermined time-slots according to the guest’s needs; events and gourmet dinners, relaxation area, video circuits where you can follow racing and news live, events and entertainment. In the village, you will be able to directly meet the protagonists of the races, but also develop a networking system where partners, VIPs, and industry professionals exchange valuable ideas and proposals.
The Village offers a friendly environment, where the passion and enthusiasm for life and sport find room for expression. A unique privilege, a surely-memorable experience. And thanks to a clear vocation of continuity and development, into the future, new and old friends alike will always be welcome.

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