Orange1Holding is proud to present Orange1 Precision, the new division specialized into high precision turning metallic parts and ready to become a reference partner for leading companies in the hydraulic, pneumatic, aerospace and automotive market.

From the merger of Mado srl, a Bergamo-based company producing precision mechanical small parts acquired by the Group in January 2017, and Came srl, a company specialized in the production of high-tech shafts for electric motors acquired in 2018, Orange1 Precision strategic division is born; an eyelet for the Orange1 Holding business.

The year 2018 was certainly a turning point thanks to over 4 million euro of investments that made this business take off, increasing revenues from 4 million in 2017 to 10 in 2018 with a forecast turnorver of 14 milion in 2019. In addition to the acquisition of CAME company, important investments have been made: new CNC machines and, on december, we will open a new plant in which the philosophy of INDUSTRY 4.0 will be applied throughout the production process.

In the year 2019 Orange1 will make further investments and, with the opening of ORANGE1 PRECISION in Hungary, the goal is to expand the reach into new market and segment in the Eastern countries. Moreover, thanks to IATF certification, Orange1 will have the opportunity to sell products into automotive market.