13 OCTOBER 2018

Not even the time to finish the first stage of the final and crucial Rally 2 Valli. Not even the time to finish a stage  in which  our winged panthers were dominating. And so finished, with the Ford Fiesta inexorably silenced, the last race of the season for Simone Campedelli and Tania Canton. The Winged Panthers of Orange 1 Racing were ready, determined to fight till the end to conquer that title – that was within their reach – but bad fate was coming to them.

An unacceptable failure, to be clarified, has extinguished all hope. Even the super engine, provided by M-Sport on direct interest of Malcolm Wilson, could do anything  to allow them to get the chance of winning the Championship. With a lot of bitterness, this is the end of a beautiful and difficult season, in which Simone and Tania often were the most performing team among those racing for the Italian Championship. The bitterness is great but so is the desire to try again: never give up!

“Even if we had to withdraw on first stage for an electronic problem I want to thank M-Sport – says Simone – for providing me with a super engine and an engineer, Slavek Wneck, very good at supporting me during the setting part for the rally. Unfortunately we could not do the pre-race test as we had agreed with the team even if the M-Sport engine was available since the Monday before the race.

Really a missed opportunity …

<With hindsight – analyzes Campedelli – the failure could be discovered, then solve, during the pre-race test and therefore we would not have compromised all our chances, as happened instead. However, I thank all our fans, partners and collaborators for the continuous support they have provided us during this season. I will come back stronger and more motivated to fight for the title>.