15 January 2019

The manager takes over from Mauro Grana who has just been appointed CEO of Orange1 Electric Motors

Apolloni, a professional with high competence and experience, will give continuity to the work done so far, bringing further improvements to the whole Operation structure, focusing on: Process, Efficiency, Organization, Waste Reduction, Preventive Maintenance, Digitization.

Manager with over 20 years of experience into Operations, specifically managing Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Product Industrialization, Product and Process Quality Control, Logi-stic & distribution, H.S.E.

He worked as Chief Operation Officer in electromechanical companies such as NICE S.p.a. and CAME S.p.a. and as General Manager at SIPA Machinery Hangzhou, developing a 360-degree management expertise, which allows him to be able to enter the Orange1 Group in a fully operational manner.