The CONI Sports Guarantee Board with sentence 00289/2021 accepted the appeal of Orange1 Team
M-Sport and conductors Simone Campedelli and Tania Canton.
The Board thus annulled the judgment of the ACI Sport Court of Appeal, deferring the judgment to the
same Court in a different collegial composition and providing that the latter conform to the principles of law
enunciated by the college itself.
As a consequence, the 2019 CIR drivers and constructors title is again in question and will have to be

ARMANDO DONAZZAN, presidente Orange1 Holding:
“I thank the lawyer Marco Baroncini for the goal achieved. I am very satisfied with the result obtained,
because it demonstrates that the theses presented have a juridical value. We look forward, in any case, to the
conclusive step, which, we hope, will go in the direction requested and desired by CONI, with the
re-assignment of the drivers ‘and constructors’ titles.
I feel this first and important result only and exclusively from Orange1 and the driver Simone
Campedleli, because all the partners we have collaborated with, at the time we all had to be
in solidarity, for various reasons, unacceptable and incomprehensible to us, have disappeared ”.